Dear Daniel,

The king and officials of Babylon will try to find a ground of accusation against you in regard to government affairs. They will find nothing with which to accuse you on these grounds, so they will consult together to seek accusation against you with regard to the worship of your God.

They will consult together and establish a law that anyone who prays to, or worships any god or man besides the king; the Beast, that they should be cast into the lion’s den. They will establish these laws and it shall be an officially signed government document.

But when you know that this document is signed into law, enter your house and get down on your knees and worship, intercede, make petition, and give thanks to God as you have already been doing. The government officials will be informed of your activity, and of your breaking of the law of the land.

But you will pay no attention to this law; you are an exile and are not bound to obey the laws of the kings if they require you to be unfaithful and disobedient to your God and King. You will keep on obeying, serving and worshiping the LORD your God. You shall be innocent in the eyes of God. You will be arrested and cast into prison with the lions. Your response will be trust, faith and worship unto your God. God will fill you with His Spirit and He shall protect and deliver you through this test; your faith shall give glory to God.

Beware of this fourth beast and this little horn; They shall wage war with you and your brethren, and shall overpower the saints of God. They shall speak out against the Most High and wear you down. The power they wield shall be mighty and this power is from satan. They will kill God’s holy people. They will be empowered by “the craft”. They will use “peace” as an excuse to kill God’s people. They will stand against Jesus Christ by standing against you. You shall be given over to them for a time, but God will judge and destroy His enemies at the proper time. Jesus Christ will do this Himself. God’s everlasting Kingdom shall prevail.

O Daniel, I have now come to give you insight with understanding. You are greatly loved! So understand this message. The Lord Jesus Christ finished the transgression, as a ransom, made an end of sins, made atonement for iniquity and brought in everlasting righteousness. He sealed up the vision and anointed the most Holy, which is Christ! His Holy Spirit anointing in you. You are in Christ. Christ is in you. You are anointed.

As you know, Messiah was cut off for you, as the ransom, providing atonement for your sins. He made His covenant with you in His blood. Now you must understand that satan’s plan is to infiltrate, desecrate and destroy what is now known as “Christianity” or “The Church”. The plan is also to destroy the Christians. The end shall come with a flood (as Jesus said) and unto the end of the spiritual war, desolations are determined! The entire thing will go bad: abominations shall abound in Christianity, the sacrifice of worship shall cease there, and the official visible Institutional Church shall become completely spiritually desolate.

Daniel, you are greatly beloved! Understand what I am saying to you. Do not be afraid. Set your heart on understanding this and humble yourself and pray. I want you to understand what will happen to your brethren in Christ, the saints, in the latter days. Be strong, take courage and be courageous. Do you understand why I am telling you this? There is spiritual war waging. God will send encouragement and protection.

And satan’s forces will arise and completely desecrate the Church System of Christianity, and the daily sacrifice therein of what was pure, holy, humble, Spirit anointed true praise, worship and devotion. The offering of living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, spiritual service of worship, it will be done away with there. This Abomination of Desolation will thus be in The Church, where it should not be! Take note! Do you see it? Let the reader understand. Follow Jesus Christ’s further instructions in Matthew 24 and Mark 13, and all His commands.

But you who know God, will be strong and do exploits. (The Lord Jesus Christ will tell you Himself what He wants you to do. Listen for His voice.) And you who have insight among the people, will instruct the many, the multitude of Christians. Yet they will be killed and go into captivity. And some who have insight also will die. This is to purge, purify and refine. Until the time of the end.

God’s enemy satan will speak monstrous things against Jesus Christ, and he will do his own will. He will exalt himself until the indignation is accomplished. For that which is determined shall be done.

My final words of encouragement for now: After this time of distress for the believers, the Tribulation, all your people will be delivered; everyone that is written in The Book of Life. And the dead shall rise in the Resurrection, some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. And those who have insight, those who lead the many to righteousness, shall shine like the stars in the heavens forever and ever.

So when they have finished shattering the power of the holy people (true believers), then all these events will be completed. So go your way, Daniel. Many will be purged, purified and refined. The wicked will act wickedly and they will not understand. But those who have insight will understand. Be faithful. Keep waiting. Stand in the Holy Place (abide in Christ!). Go your way to the end. You will stand before Him at the end of the days.

with worship to the Most High God,
the servant of the LORD,
His angel chosen to deliver this message

Daniel ch.6-12.