David is outside in the street worshiping the LORD with all of his heart! He is bringing the sacrifice of praise on his lips. He is dancing before the LORD with all his might. He is wearing the garments of “praise to the LORD”. He is wearing the righteousness of Christ; the garments of a priest of God. He is rejoicing! He is leaping, whirling around and dancing in worship before the LORD! There is shouting and the sound of the trumpet! He is offering many offerings of worship before the LORD His God.

But Michal is inside the house. She prefers to be where she is  comfortable, where her idols are (1sam19:13). She is looking out the window and sees David outside. He is in the streets! In her pride, she is disgusted by what she sees. She is much like her father Saul. She is a professing Christian but she hates the true consecrated life of David. She looks: David is worshiping the LORD with joyful abandon. He is blessing the people in the name of the LORD of hosts. He is ministering; distributing food to all the people, to all the multitude of Israel.

David intends to bless those in the house as well, but before he can, Michal bitterly rebukes him for what she considers his undignified behavior. She is all about appearances and looking good and respectable on the outside. She criticizes him for not being dressed properly for worship according to her standards. She is very embarrassed by his “unnecessarily excessive” devotion to God, his willingness to publicly humble himself and his “inappropriate” display of zeal for the things of the LORD. Her lukewarm heart desires to mock and persecute the soul that is aflame with the Spirit of God. She resents his pursuit of God. She is supposed to be supportive and kind to David, but instead she attacks with venom. Like snakes and scorpions, her words do bite and sting.

David knows that the LORD chose him, and because of this, he will celebrate with joy before the LORD. He knows that he will be even more humiliated and undignified than this. He does not mind, he is happy to be humbled and despised for the sake of God, and according to His will. He is not ashamed of abandoned worship to God. He is not discouraged by the disparaging remarks from the Pharisees. Love, devotion, humility, gratitude, and faith proceed out of David. But Michal bears no fruit at all.

2  Samuel 6:14-23