Babylon has a cup filled with abominations (lies and false teachings) which offend God. Babylon is impressive; a pleasure to the 18390-laser-show-party-1280x800-photography-wallpapersenses. Babylon dresses well and is decked with gold, precious stones and pearls. Her riches are material, not spiritual. Babylon is a woman who is a whore, taking in everyone who passes by, disregarding the One she claims to be her Husband. Babylon is unfaithful; she practices spiritual prostitution. She openly fornicates with the kings and governments of the earth in order to increase her power. She is in relationship with the secret societies. She breeds harlots and abominations. Babylon is a place of noise, corruption and incredible wealth and luxury. Those who dwell in her are drunk on her immorality. She loves pleasure, entertainments and a good party. It is a place of the idolatrous worship of many gods. She has become a dwelling place of demons. She is carnal and spiritually dead.

Babylon is a place of captivity where God’s people are held in bondage. Babylon is a place of confusion and deep distress for God’s people who reside there. Babylon is the “gate of god”, claiming IT-self to be the way or gate to God. Babylon deceives. She has made lies her refuge. She has no shame practicing witchcraft right in front of you. She is proud, arrogant and self-confident. She thinks she will exist forever. She is deeply involved in politics and enjoys riding the Beast. She thinks she rules and reigns on the earth! She thinks she rules over God’s people. She lusts for power (and money). She exalts herself and wants to become famous and glorify herself. She seeks to build a city and tower to exalt herself. She seeks to bring in all unto herself. She builds a great image of man for all to worship. Babylon repackages paganism and sells it to you as something from the LORD GOD. She makes merchandise of those to come to her; her wares are sold for a price.

She is religious to the core. She is powered by flesh and human strength, not the Spirit. Babylon tells you there is a difference between “clergy” (priest) and “laity” and promotes many other lies and pagan traditions. Babylon kills God’s prophets who dare to tell the truth of God’s Word. Babylon wants to kill the saints and witnesses of Jesus. She promotes herself, rather than Jesus Christ. She is committed to the world, and to herself, feigning commitment to Christ. Her love is sensual and narcissistic. She loves and desires herself, feigning love for Jesus.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,

“Come out of her, my people,

that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.” Rev.18:4-5