Listen! Our beloved is calling to us. He is calling us away, to be with Him. He is coming to where we are, and calling us out– to follow Him outside of the walls that have kept us in bondage. He is calling us out of cold darkness and into the warmth of His wonderful Light. Out of the oppressive, lifeless structure we were trapped in, to follow Him in freedom and joy. He is calling us out of the Egypt of the satanic world system, and out of the Babylon of dead institutional religion. He is wooing us with His love, bidding us to walk with Him. He is inviting us out of the building, into an intimate, living relationship with Him.

Will we answer His call? Will we get up and follow Him outside? He loves us and has accepted us. He thinks we are beautiful! He wants us to leave it all behind, and go on with Him. He wants us… and He is planning a wedding. He shall bring us to the secret place to be with Him, where He gives Himself to us; where we give ourselves to Him.

“Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come away!” Song 2:10