I bump into people from the two Institutional Churches I was in for 26 years. They ask me where I am “going to church”. I tell them, “The church in the wilderness”. They always say, “Huh?, Where is that? Never heard of it”.

God has called us out to follow Him; to be with Him in the wilderness, on His bountiful pastures, where He cares for us as the good Shepherd.

At various times, He arranges for us to come together in the assembly with others. Here is where I have been “assembling together with one another”.

At the outdoor cafe with a precious saint who loves Jesus and desires to walk with Him.

On the phone in the middle of the night for an hour with a sister who is confused and distressed about what is going on at her Institutional Church.

Sitting at my kitchen table with my husband, comforting a brother in the Lord who is devastated and heartbroken almost to the point of despair, due to intense personal suffering, sorrow and trials. He is ignored by the people at the Institutional Church.

Chatting poolside about what the Lord is doing in our lives, with a friend I have not seen in two years, while our kids swim.

Having lunch with my dear girlfriend while sharing with each other about the painful reality of what the Lord is allowing in our lives in order to sanctify, purify, refine, prepare and separate us unto Him in unwavering devotion.

On a few blog sites and internet radio podcasts I’ve found which help, edify and encourage.

Via email with brothers and sisters I have “virtually met” all over the globe who love and follow Jesus.

On the street with saints God arranges for me to meet when I’m out talking with people in the community.

In a living room in a house in my city.

In my car with four people while we drive for an hour and a half to meet some other believers for a time of mutual encouragement, and taco truck tacos, eaten while sitting on the ground.

In my car driving, talking for hours, on a road trip with my daughter.